Food Comfort Zone

Ashley and I had a day full of meetings and research on Wednesday! What kind of research do two women with a food event company do? We eat! On our journey to putting on the best food events ever, we must sample A LOT of food. Tough life but someone has to do it. 

Anyone who knows me (Courtney), knows that I am not an adventurous eater. Before yesterday, Brussels sprouts were as wild as I would get. While we were out "researching" we ran into an old friend of mine who happens to be the executive chef at an upscale restaurant in the Flats. He treated us to two special surprise dishes. I do not like the element of surprise when it comes to food but I trust my friend. First, he sent out a beautiful plate that smelled like a little piece of heaven. This plate was so visually appealing that I had to send a picture to my husband, snap chat and post it on this blog.  I could not wait to taste what appeared to be the best chicken I was ever going to have. Well, that chicken turned out to be OCTOPUS..and I loved it! I could not believe that I kept digging my fork into this bowl of octopus but I would do it all over again. It really tasted like the most tender, flavorful and perfectly cooked chicken one could imagine. Next up, BONE MARROW. At this point Ashley was trying to make sure I wasn't about to pass out. I made Ashley try it first so she could describe the flavor and mouth feel to me. I held my breath and spread the bone marrow across my crostini. LOL I sound so dramatic right now but this is really how it happened! So anyway, the bone marrow finally made it to my mouth and to my surprise, I really liked it. It tasted sort of like beef broth and butter. It was flavorful and subtle. I was most worried about the texture but the crostini really helped. It was absolutely delicious and I will definitely eat bone marrow again.

I am so excited about the ride that The Social Kitchen is going to take us on. I can't wait for the amazing food we will eat and the unforgettable people that we will meet. I know that I will continue to be pulled out of my comfort zone in so many ways but I can't wait to rise to each occasion.