What Is The Social Kitchen?

Have you seen one of our posts on social media and are still wondering to yourself, 'What is The Social Kitchen?'

We are a Cleveland based food event service. We host dinner crawls, private events and a private supper club.

 Included on each of our events: 

Amazing food: We have searched the city high and low to find you some of the best dishes Cleveland has to offer. We may have eaten way too much but that's a burden we're willing to bear for our guests. ;-) You will have the pleasure of indulging in a trio tasting plate at 3 different restaurants (9 tastings total) in 1 night! 

Great company: With amazing food comes even better company, or so we hope...Allow yourself to come out of your comfort zone and meet new people. You already have one thing in common, a love for good food! Network, establish new relationships, rejuvenate old relationships and learn about people from different walks of life.

Transportation: Thanks to our friends at VIP RIDES we aren't limited to just one small area in Cleveland. We are able to venture all over the city in style.

The Best Hosts Ever: No explanation is needed here. To know us is to love us!


Courtney and Ashley