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Our Mission

We believe that food is key to happiness! Food has the ability to remove barriers and bring together people of all ages, social classes and cultures. Our mission is to bring back the true meaning of "breaking bread" by highlighting the traditional values of hospitality, neighborliness and respect for diversity.

-Ashley Nuske-

Co-founder, owner, operator.

Coming from a Sicilian family, my love for food (pasta mostly) runs deep. I didn't necessarily grow up watching my family cook but the curiosity was always there. Later on, I pursued that curiosity and attended Kent State University for hospitality management. After years of working from the bottom of the totem pole, a college internship at Walt Disney World, to being the GM of highly ranked establishments, I've learned a lot.

I live for the Food Network channel, specifically Chopped. While I'm certainly no iron chef, I truly enjoy getting in the kitchen, playing some music, and learning a new recipe. But the best part about enjoying a good meal, especially if you made it, is sharing it with others. I couldn't be more excited to launch The Social Kitchen. I'm looking forward to "breaking bread" with old friends and new all around the best places Cleveland has to offer. Cheers!

Ashley's favorite food quote-  “People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

I was born into a diverse family with mixed heritages. I remember back to when I was 5, fascinated by my grandmother making her authentic German dishes, which consisted of A LOT of sauerkraut and potatoes. My love for food didn't really develop until 5 years ago when I met a very talented and handsome chef, my husband. Over the years, he has shared his passion of cooking with me. He has forced me to come out of my food comfort zone and try things that I used to turn my nose up to.

Over the last decade I have worked in every style of restaurant and a world-ranked brewery. I am now a wine ambassador with one of the top beverage distributors in Northeast Ohio. The most important part of my day is dinner time with my husband and son. The connection and laughter that we share in our kitchen is irreplaceable. I'm convinced that this shared time with family and friends is the key to enjoying life. My goal is to bring these experiences and more to The Social Kitchen.

My favorite quote to live by: "Dining with one's friends and beloved family is certainly one of life's primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal." - Julia Child

        -Courtney Barton-